march break camp Cancelled rec classes are off March 14 - April 5th for March Break

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Dear Club members,

 March 15th, 2020

The Alliston Gymnastics Club will be cancelling the March Break Camp and suspending all Recreational Gymnastics for the 2 weeks following March Break as a precautionary measure due to COVID-19. We will be monitoring the situation daily and will update our membership should anything else change to our programs.

Additionally, Gymnastics Ontario has made the decision to cancel and or postpone all Gymnastics Ontario sanctioned competitions through to April 5th and will update us if there are further cancellations.

The club thanks you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

Warm Regards,

Kathy Bierylo

President – Alliston Gymnastics Club

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Recreation GYmnastics Classes at AGC

* FREE Trial Class - Please contact the office to register 24 hrs in advance. 

Tumble Tos Discovery 12 - 18mos - 30 min class

Tumble Tots Intro 18mos-3yrs - 45 minute class

One adult/caregiver will actively participate with their child under direct supervision of a qualified coach. In this structured class your child will explore fundamental movements such as jumping,hanging,swinging,climbing,balancing and supporting. Basic gym body postitions  will be introduced with an emphasis on the development of gross motor skills. This class will also help your child learn social skills, listening, following instructions, sharing anf taking turns.

Pre Kinder gym 3 - 4 yrs 45 minute class

This is a structured non-parented class that gives your child a opportunity to become more independent. Basic gymnastics shapes, balance,swings,hangs,jumps and rolls will be taught. We will also be developing basic movement, coordination, confidence and listening skils to help your child become a well rounded athlete.

Kinder Gym 4 - 5 yrs 1 hour class

This class is for our beginner gymnast and will introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics. The particpants will jump,hang,swing, balance and climb through various circuits. Emphasis will be on skill progression,coordination,flexibilty and strength.

Girls Recreation Jr 6- 9 yrs 1.5 hour class

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Girls Recreation Sr 9-12yrs 1.5 Hour Class


Boy rec gymnastics 6+yrs 1.5 hour class

 Our recreational gymnastics program is a developmental program.  The principles of movement,swing, spring, statics, landings, locomotion and rotations are all incorporated into the program . In this program gymnasts will learn skills with gradual difficulty through our level system. Each level has skill list for each event that gymnasts are required to learn before moving to the next level. It is normal that some levels may take multiple sessions to complete. 

Girls Advanced Recreation 8+yrs 2hr class

This class is designed for the more advanced gymnast and must be recommended by a coach. As a prerequisite the gymnast is required to have completed level 3 of our girls recreation program. Gymnasts will be working on and tested on skills required to progress into our level 1 competitive program.

Mini Advance 3yrs 2 hour class

Gymnasts will need to be recommended to this program by our head coach of recreation. Gymnasts will be working and tested on developmental skills that are required to progress to our ODP Pre competitive programs. 


Pre-Crawlers can enjoy FUN tummy time!

This 30 minute class creates a special parent-child bonding through sensory stimulation, physical play and brain development. Connect with your baby through nurturing, observing and learning. 


All inclusive gym class with focus on gross and fine motor development. Parents will have the opportunity to support their athlete as they particpate in a variety of activities including beam,bars and trampoline track. The coach is a current Educational Assistant with 10+ years  of experience supporting students with special needs.